Katja Pokorn 

Visual Story Teller 

Hey! I’m Katja

A restless spirit and a set of coincidences led me to pick up a camera for the first time. Enthusiasm and passion for boardsports landed me a photography job at a surf camp, which snowballed into becoming a core team member of a snowboard and freeski film project back home in Slovenia.

My little zone of happiness consists of patient observation in the great outdoors, which offers me unlimited varieties of lights and framing, where I can let moments happen and document them in their purest form.

I seize every opportunity to travel and explore the world. With an eye for calm or crazy moments, I am on a mission to capture the essence of a variety of subjects – from long boarders whipping across pavement, to serene mountain landscapes dappled in light. The strive to become a part of scene, adapting low-key and discreet style gets me all angles and a touch of soul in each shot. I thrive in all seasons, all altitudes and start every day with a good coffee and hunger for adventure.